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My top 3 goals for health coaching with Rachel were more energy, better sleep, general better health to ensure I don’t die too young!

Rachel was able to help me work towards these goals by analysing my blood results and helping me to create a bespoke nutritional and supplement plan that works for me. The most significant changes I have noticed have been more energy, less bloating, much better sleep and a general feeling of better health.

I would describe Rachel as supportive and honest – she isn’t afraid to say what she thinks and needs to, sometimes these are messages that are tough to hear but you know they come from someone who genuinely cares for your health. Her advice is factual based on evidence.

Rachel has really helped me understand the impact stress, nutrition and self care has on my body. As it’s based on fact and individualised it makes perfect sense and makes a real difference. If you want to improve your health speak to Rachel immediately! I just wish she was in my pocket all the time!!!!! (Hint develop an app Rachel so you are literally in my pocket) 

I would recommend Rachel to anyone who wants to make a positive practical evidence based (not faddy) change to their health and lifestyle.

Sian Prigg

Founder, Start Sooner

My only goal when I first started working with Rachel was weight loss (with no longer being constipated).  However, I quickly added understanding my body better and not being so tired in the morning.

Rachel has helped me to work towards these goals through teaching me about my body and gut health, with tests Rachel found out I was deficient in so many vitamins. This helped all of my goals and after working with Rachel for 3 months I not only feel so much better, my skin is complimented a lot and I have started to lose the weight and hope this will now continue.

I would describe Rachel as very patient, understanding but most of all, encouraging with tons of motivational support.  Without Rachel I would have given up ages ago. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who has health concerns. Rachel will support in so many ways and you will feel much better and confident especially if you need to make changes to your diet like I did for my body to heal.

Thank you Rachel, I will always be grateful for turning my health around for myself and my family.

Lynn Underwood

Relationship Director

My top 3 goals for health coaching with Rachel were weight loss, more energy & health advice. Rachel was able to help me work towards these goals by giving great tips & advice, plus encouragement. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been losing over 1stone in weight.

I would describe Rachel as kind, knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend Rachel to anyone looking for health advice & is feeling stuck

I found health coaching very useful & well worth the investment.

Sarah Goodman

End Of Life Doula , Sarah Goodman

I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me over the last 6 months! It has honestly changed my life! Firstly with my knowledge of food. I honestly thought I ate healthy before (I so didn’t), but wow what a difference the first three months of coaching sessions taught me. I now definitely eat healthy, I understand what I’m eating and why, have no real cravings and I feel great and energised. No more morning foggy heads!! I have found a love for food again, trying lots of different veg and fruits and not feeling like I have to have meat with every meal.

Apart from the food, you have made me question my actions, thoughts and to take time for myself. I’m a more confident woman now so much so I’m to able to move forward with two of my dreams to have a baby and open my own business and be able to say them out load and be proud.

I know my journey wasn’t one of weight loss but of nourishment and learning, but I did loose a stone and half .

I’m definitely going to keep it up and hope to keep in touch in the future.

Rebecca Jackson

Owner / Director, Mint Financial Services

Rachel came to my rescue when I was in desperate need of help. My newborn was suffering terribly from colic with hours of screaming and writhing around. I was breastfeeding, and didn’t know where to start to help him feel more comfortable. Rachel was calm, professional and wonderful. She did a full analysis of my day, feeding and diet. She then recommended a plan of action that was completely tailored towards me and my baby. The results were dramatic. Within one week, I had a follow up call with Rachel, and I was pleased to report that the crying had reduced considerably. Rachel’s urgent support came just at the right time. There are many underlying causes to colic, but with Rachel’s help, I am confident you will find the solution.
Helen Packham

Business Coach, Empowering Minds


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