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Rachel helps women become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves by changing what they put in their minds and mouths.

Rachel is able to supply written content for use in magazines and online, she is also be happy to support any digital features as she is a trained public speaker with experience of filming digital and audio content. 

About Rachel

Rachel Collins is a Mum of 2 girls and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Rachel combines functional dynamics knowledge with the art and science of behaviour change restore health and wellbeing. She helps her clients take steps for rapid relief while spending time getting to the root cause of why they don’t feel vibrant and well. 

Rachel has a BSc. in Experimental Phsychology and her MSc in Healthcare Leadership and Management. She worked in strategy and planning within the NHS for 6 years before leaving to have her first baby. Rachel didn’t bounce back from pregnancy as she expected to and finally found that her nutrition and lifestyle made a huge impact on her weight, energy and overall health. While pregnant with her second baby Rachel studied health coaching with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and qualified as a health coach when her baby was just 2 weeks old. With 2 children under 2, Rachel slowly grew her health coaching practice; deciding to specialise in working with women. Rachel is a life-long learner and commited to  her continuing development. In 2015 Rachel completed her nutritional therapist diploma (HSA), has studied Women’s Herbal Medicine (Dr Aviva Romm) and is currently studying Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM)

Rachel is registered with the UK Health Coaches Association and listed in their directory here.



Rachel Speaks

From Lost Woman to Wonder Woman

Inspiring Talks Brighton – March 2018

We all have the power to be Wonder Woman because Wonder Woman is a state of mind. Rachel shares her journey and the lessons she has learnt on how to turbocharge your own personal superpowers and live your healthiest, happiest and most successful life.

Children do not ruin your life

Inspiring Talks Brighton – May 2017

Rachel is ITBs very first ‘Risky Biscuit’. Rachel talks about motherhood, off the cuff and from the heart.

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Rachel Writes


Gurgle Magazine


  • Quoted in November 2016 Issue: Supporting Mums with colicky babies


Fabulous Magazine (The Sun on Sunday)


Quoted in: Time to go Semi Sober


HuffPo (The Huffington Post)





Quoted in: Protein or Faux-tein






Selfish Mother




Mama Eco




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Also seen in…


Guest Presenter: Detoxification for weight loss – Women’s Weight Loss & Wellbeing Summit 2015

Featured in The Argus for Pitch To Rich 2015 Competition: Article 

Out on the limb Radio – You cannot have physical health without emotional health: Interview with Dr Nicola Bird – USA

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