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I’m Rachel, The Mums Health Coach and Founder of the #MumsEmbrace Movement.

So many mums feel their world shrink after having a baby, they are exhausted and hormonal, lose their identity and financial independence, hobbies get left behind.

It happened to me after my first baby was born.

Fed up with feeling shattered and a little bit like I had been flung back into the 1950’s, I made some big changes to the way I designed my life.  It is my mission to help other Mums break down some of the biggest blockers to living life to the full; low energy levels, low self-esteem and Mum guilt. Get ready Mums – it’s time to embrace everything life has to offer!

The Mums Embrace Philosophy

The #MumsEmbrace Movement is based on a core set of principles. I am guided by these values in the way I care for myself, the Mums I work with and the way I do business.

Self care isn’t selfish

Prioritising our health and wellbeing is vital to our ability to be advocates for good in this world and to embrace life. Be a good mother to yourself before others. Be sure to eat well. Nutrition is the foundation for good health and eating well is the highest form of self care. Take time to rest and time to play.

Be unapologetically you

Never feel guilty for not being a different kind of Mum. Mum guilt is something we all struggle with. We look at other Mums and wonder if we should be doing things differently. Stop! Whether you’re the baking mum, the fit mum, the career mum or the homeschooling mum they are all good! Be true to yourself, be an authentic Mum.

It takes a village

Modern society puts pressure on women to do it all and we feel awkward asking for help. Never feel like a failure for asking for help. You don’t have to be alone. Build your village of support, whatever that needs to look like for you; other mums, childcare, family and friends. Join The Village #MumsEmbrace here to join a tribe of Mums who embrace this philosophy.

Dream big

Our thoughts shape our reality. If you believe motherhood can expand your world. It will! There are no limits to what you can achieve other than those you put on yourself. So DREAM BIG beautiful lady. What do you truly want to achieve in this lifetime? Don’t wait, don’t put it off for the timing to be perfect. Get started.

How I can help you

It is my mission to help Mums embrace all that life has to offer. I want you to know that Motherhood can expand your world. Life can start to feel small after having a baby, you seem to get less done each day and your social life disappears. You day eventually whittles down to cups of tea, Peppa Pig and folding laundry. If you’re lucky, maybe a Friday night takeaway with your other half.

You don’t want it to be this way but lack of energy, guilt, financial pressures and poor health get in the way of your doing anything about it.

I help mums break down these barriers.


Energy and Health

I turned my health around when I studied nutrition and I want to help you do the same.

READ / WATCH / LISTEN – I share tons of free information about nutrition for health and energy on my blog.

LEARN – I teach Mums the step by step system for identifying the best foods for you to eat in The Happy Mummy Cleanse. This comprehensive health eating programme will help you take back control of your body, balance your hormones and allow your body to thrive.

SUPPLEMENT – I recommend all Mums add in concentrated fruit and vegetable nutrition with a whole food fruit and veg supplement.


Mum guilt

Almost every mum I speak to feels guilty at some point; she feels guilty for wanting more from life, guilty for wanting time away from baby to hit the gym, have her hair done, go to work – pretty much anything which takes attention away from the kids. This mindset holds us back from embracing life and perpetuates the cycle by teaching our children that they have to sacrifice everything they love when they become parents. It means we put self care at the bottom of the priorities list and we neglect ourselves, our self esteem plummets. It doesn’t have to be this way.

READ / WATCH / LISTEN – I share free information and inspiration on this topic on my blog

COACHING – Sometimes knowing the information isn’t enough. Having someone non-judgemental to listen to you can make the world of difference. Being able to talk this through can help you unravel those anxious thoughts and get focused on your priorities for you and your family. I offer Mums Embrace extended coaching sessions to work through Mum guilt and embrace life to the full. Click here to schedule your session.


Financial Independence

Losing my financial independence when I became a Mum was scary. I had a good career before babies and was driven and ambitious. As a mum I face having to put my babies in full time childcare to have a career. I didn’t want to do that, n’or did I want to be without my own career or income so I built my business from home. I am passionate about teaching Mums how to earn an income around their babies.

READ / WATCH / LISTEN – I share free information on my blog about business and money mindset.

START YOUR BUSINESS – I mentor an amazing team of mums who are building their businesses from home around their current commitments. If you would like me to show you step by step, how to build a nutrition business from home please email me for more information. In the email please tell me  a bit about you and why you feel called to work in the nutrition industry.



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