The Happy Mummy Cleanse - Rachel Collins

Have you felt your world shrinking after becoming a mum?

Tried to “get it back after baby” but lack of energy is keeping you stuck?

You Are Not Alone!


Let’s be honest:

Exhaustion has turned you into a grumpy mum. You feel overweight, tired and with no time to shower, not so sexy anymore.

You want to eat healthy, exercise and feel beautiful again. You’d love to join your girlfriends for a night out, date your hubby and be a happy mum. But here’s the thing…

Symptoms like:

  • Tummy bloat or excess weight
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Skin problems
  • Mood swings
  • Emotional eating
  • Low immune system

Keep you from reclaiming your life.

With your energy down the drain, and self confidence on low, it’s just not happening.


What’s worse…

You’re about to give up: give up on feeling beautiful and knowing you’re “enough”; give up on being the compassionate and fun wife and mum you know you are.

The struggle ends here - I've got your solution

There’s a simple remedy that’ll solve all these symptoms in one fell swoop.

Before you can reclaim the life you love, your body needs foods that support your hormonal system, balance your gut health and eliminate toxins. So you’ll have the energy to take action.


How do I know?

I’m Rachel Collins, health & lifestyle coach and like you, I lost my sense of self after becoming a mum.

With zero energy I turned to caffeine, sugary snacks and wine to get through the day. I struggled with my weight. No diet could help me shift that stubborn stone! Feeling fat and exhausted cast a shadow over my early mummyhood.

How I can help you

It’s my mission to make sure you have the energy to actually take in those wonderful moments of being a mum. How? I’ll show you how to take care of your gorgeous mummy body through delicious, healthy eating and self care.

Because we all know…

If Mummy's not happy, nobody's happy!

You’re the centre of your family. You’re “on” 24/7, year after year. With tiny humans to care for, demands are high and chances of a break are low. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and “not enough”, that will deeply influence how your kids and hubby feel too!




Whether you want to lose 10 pounds and feel great in your clothes again, or need the extra energy to restart your social life, this program is right for you.

Want to ditch constant fatigue, low confidence and lack of desire and feel your best self again?

Then let’s dive in and see what’s included!



What if you knew exactly what to shop for? Can you imagine choosing foods that nourish your body, light you up and that you can prepare in a jiffy?

This programme makes eating healthy easy as pie.

The Happy Mummy Cleanse offers a detox programme as well as an extensive whole food & seasonal eating plan that improves digestion, decreases inflammation (bye-bye headaches and access tummy fat!) and keeps you feeling satisfied.

But this isn’t just about eating well and shedding a few pounds. That’s only the beginning. This is about you feeling psyched about life again and ready to take everything in your stride!

And did I mention?


The Happy Mummy Cleanse is a no-deprivation zone!

Want to have ample energy to enjoy your kids AND have a social life again?

Ready to make an investment in your family’s happiness?

Buy The Happy Mummy Cleanse now for £97

What's Inside

The Happy Mummy Cleanse consists of 3 phases: preparation, detox & elimination and transition.  All the information you need to get started you’ll find wrapped up in the programme guide.

As soon you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a login to access all of the materials. That way you can start your health journey right away! For a sneaky peek at the private members area click the video! >>>>



In this phase you’ll be given all the support & structure you need to plan healthy meals, shop for supportive foods and slowly reduce the foods and drinks that are keeping you stuck.

Expect this to be loving and gradual. No going cold turkey on coffee!


In phase 2 you’ll be cutting out the foods that are wrecking havoc on your hormones and gut health. Any hidden food intolerances you might have will rise to the surface so you can change your diet accordingly.

By the end of this phase you’ll be symptom free. That can take your body 7-30 days. Instead of exhausted and going in circles you’ll start to feel more energized. The way you want to feel!


In this phase you’ll go back to an everyday diet one food at a time. This way you can sift out offending foods that make you feel bloated, moody or sap your energy. You’ll be keeping a food diary through the whole process to build awareness and get you in touch with what your body needs to thrive.



The Happy Mummy Cleanse Guide

The step-by-step manual showing you how to detox safely and naturally, helping you create positive habits around eating healthy and self care that’ll last a life time.

Food Diary (printable)

Through short & easy journaling exercises, you’ll build the crucial awareness around how certain foods make you feel: physically, mentally, and emotionally. This will enable you to tune in to your body’s wisdom, making wise choices about food.

The Four Seasons Recipe Guide

Filled with over 240 scrumptious, seasonal recipes (created by a chef), this book will make eating healthy feel like a blast.

Meal Planner (printable)

This planner will help you keep things simple. You can plan your meals per day including snacks. That way you won’t be surprised by nasty hunger pangs that’ll make you grasp for the crisps and chocolate.

Your Bonuses

In the member area you can discover why detox and hormonal health are inextricably linked. You can find out how to optimally use this plan while pregnant or nursing as well as hands-on tips & tricks on how to manage withdrawal symptoms, if you’re struggling letting go of coffee, sugar or alcohol. I include bonus sections on how to calm colic, ease heartburn through pregnancy and you’ll learn all about Candida, what it is and what to do about it!

Private Facebook Forum

The Facebook community offers a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded mums, share wins or ask for support. In here I offer LIVE video coaching sessions. Have your questions about The Happy Mummy Cleanse answered in real time or just enjoy having access to a vault of knowledge that you can refer to whenever you have a spare moment.


And there’s more:

This is about letting go and making space for better.

I’ll gently guide you through a process of releasing not only the foods that don’t serve you, but also old emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you from feeling like yourself again.

What would you do with the extra energy you’ll suddenly have?

What adventures would you say “yes” to?

Buy The Happy Mummy Cleanse now for £97

The Word On The Street

Have a look at what my past cleansers are saying!
This detox was amazing! I feel great! I am more awake and have loads more energy. It has done wonders for my skin which is glowing… I look like I have make up on even though I don’t and if that wasn’t enough I also lost 8lbs! The support was first class from start to finish and beyond!

I can’t pick Rachel up and pop her on my book shelf like with every other diet book when I don’t really understand what I’m doing!! Rachel gave me a clear pack with what the cleanse was, what I’d be doing, recipes and other ideas. She also included me in a Facebook group.

Everyday I got new ideas and just encouragement all the time! Since finishing I’ve had a post detox meeting with Rachel. I have kept everything I have done so I can look back on it. Now some of these small changes have stuck in my life I’m ready to make a few more!!


I chose to participate in the Spring Clean Detox Programme because I was having trouble shifting my excess weight gain from the stresses of my MBA days, and I believed that learning how to eat healthy (not going on a diet) was the key to losing weight healthily.  I’ve learned so much from this experience and cannot stress how amazing I think this programme is.

I found that my digestion felt much better – less sluggish and bloated, my skin condition started to show improvement with the exclusion of sugar and the whole family were eating a healthy diet which we all enjoyed and still use the recipes as part of our normal diets now. I really enjoyed the personal service and being able to get responses to questions however simple such as where to buy certain foods from or new recipes to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cleanse/detox programme?

There are a lot of misconceptions around the terms cleanse and detox. Let’s clear these up right now! To cleanse means to clean. To detox is to stop ingesting harmful or unhealthy foods, drinks or substances. The Happy Mummy Cleanse is a healthy eating plan that cleans up your diet and helps your body eliminate waste products more efficiently. It is based on the Elimination Diet which is the Gold-Standard test for food allergies and intolerances. This means you will be able to identify exactly which foods and drinks are harmful for your unique body.

Should I get an allergy test like the Vega test, IgG, IgE, skin prick test, or hair analysis?

No. Recent NICE guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) state that these tests are not scientifically valid and advises against testing. Basically, these tests can be hit and miss. The only scientifically-approved method for allergy and intolerance testing is the elimination diet and food challenge. The ultimate bonus is that this way of eating, when done under the guidance of a trained professional, is a very healthy and nutritious way to fuel your body.

What if I'm not allergic to anything?

That’s great! And you can still benefit from The Happy Mummy Cleanse. Allergies are severe reactions to substances that are harmful to our body and they are often easy to spot. Food intolerances on the other hand are trickier to identify because their symptoms are more abstract; headaches, bloating, gas, tiredness and eczema can all be symptoms of hidden food intolerances. And even if you don’t have a food intolerance, you can definitely benefit from cleaning up your diet.

Can it hurt my baby when I'm nursing or pregnant?

The Happy Mummy Cleanse is perfectly safe for you, your bump and your nursling. Some cleanses and detoxes ARE NOT SAFE so it pays to be careful and do this kind of plan under the guidance of a professional like me. The Happy Mummy Cleanse is designed with you in mind. I have seen so many nursing Mamas who are desperate to lose weight, following dangerous diet plans and I do not want that for you. Inside the membership area you will find a whole section dedicated to supporting you on this plan. I cover safety information and let you know what foods to reduce and avoid. I followed this way of eating while pregnant AND as a breastfeeding Mama.

Will I have to deprive myself?

Absolutely NOT! Your body deserves to be nourished, not deprived or starved! You will be eating three full meals per day and snacking if you want to. It won’t take long for your energy levels to lift, and your sugar and coffee cravings will disappear. So you will not feel deprived.

Can I still drink coffee, or have a snack?

Snacks YES! Coffee – in an ideal world no.

I actively encourage you to snack. You shouldn’t be going hungry. Your body needs good nutrition to function well. I totally get you love your cup of coffee, and think you need it to get through the day. I’ll encourage you to stop using coffee in huge quantities and instead turn it into a treasured ritual with little amounts and good quality.

Will I lose weight?

This is NOT a weight loss programme. However, if you have weight to lose, it is very likely to fall off you when you do The Happy Mummy Cleanse. When you are eating right and supporting your hormones and gut health you will naturally come to the right size for you.

How do I pay?

You can pay securely by credit card, debit card or Paypal.

How will I receive the programme materials?

You will be given access to an online membership area where you can download and print all the Guides and Templates. Login details will be sent to your email address.

What if I don't like it?

If this programme doesn’t live up to your expectations for any reason, just let me know within 30 days and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked!

Is The Happy Mummy Cleanse Right for me?

Over the last years I’ve listened to hundreds of mums who struggled with low energy, overwhelm and access weight. I’m confident this programme is right for you if you no longer want to feel…

  • Overwhelmed, exhausted and unhappy in your skin
  • “Always behind” and not in control of your day
  • Unable to shed the baby tummy
  • Snappish at your kids or hubby
  • Like you don’t deserve some new clothes because you’re out of shape


Instead you want to go through your day:

  • Feeling energized and upbeat again
  • Having a strong sense of accomplishment and pride as you stroke one item after the other off of your to-do list with ease.
  • Knowing you’re the best mum & wife you can be
  • Feeling clearheaded, strong and beautiful
  • Nourished and fully satisfied
  • Having a blast!

Imagine waking up excited to see your baby, and going to bed excited to see your husband. Instead of experiencing your day as a list of tiresome chores you’d have the energy to fully enjoy life – What’s that worth to you?

Buy now and get instant access!


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