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Meningitis scare and the value of our NHS

Meningitis scare and the value of our NHS

Yesterday afternoon Isla woke up from her nap with a nasty looking rash around her neck, it didn’t disappear when we rolled a glass over it and she didn’t seem herself at all – naturally I was terrified. Google didn’t help – basically telling me that a rash like that is a medical emergency as it’s likely meningitis.

Where Do You Find Your Sacred Minute?

As a Mama of 2 under twos it’s not often I get some time to myself. In this last week I have been trialling one of NYR Organics best selling products and have inadvertently found a way to give myself a sacred minute, the benefits of which last all day. I have...

Why is it so uncomfortable to ask for help?

One of the things that I ask of all my clients is that they care for themselves as they would a loved family member. And one of the things they MUST do is ask for help when they need it. But that is seriously hard advice to take. It’s taken me a long time to...
Weigh yourself, but for the right reasons!

Weigh yourself, but for the right reasons!

I had a bit of a ‘moment’ a few nights ago. I weighed myself. I don’t do it often but my Mum had said I looked like I was losing weight and I was intrigued to see what the scales said. Turns out I have lost weight. I now weigh less than I did 1 year...

7 Steps for a better night's sleep

This short guide will teach you the fundamentals of a good quality night's sleep. I'll have you dozing off into a peaceful slumber in no time. 

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Living well without a gallbladder

This guide covers what you need to know to thrive without your gb, whether it's just been removed or it's been gone for years 

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