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Easy Rice Milk Recipe

Easy Rice Milk Recipe

Homemade rice milk is by far the most simple (and cheap!) recipe to make. I, personally, am happy to leave my rice milk ‘rustic’. When you are using it in a smoothie it really doesn’t matter. If you want to try using it in tea or coffee and want a smoother finish then you can strain the liquid through a nut milk bag at the end.

Recipe: Complete Protein Pancakes

Oh my goodness I just whisked up the yummiest HEALTHY pancake recipe ever! Seriously! I took a bite in to hubby to try while he was on a work call and his reaction was priceless! He couldn’t say anything out loud without giving away to his client that he was...

7 Steps for a better night's sleep

This short guide will teach you the fundamentals of a good quality night's sleep. I'll have you dozing off into a peaceful slumber in no time. 

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Living well without a gallbladder

This guide covers what you need to know to thrive without your gb, whether it's just been removed or it's been gone for years 

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