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It’s time to stop just accepting it

It’s time to stop just accepting it

From my own experience and from talking to a lot of women who have been putting up with feeling less than fabulous for a while we accept this stuff because we are told it’s normal and there isn’t really anything we can do about it. Except maybe to try and live a little healthier

Are your cosmetics causing PMS?

Are your cosmetics causing PMS?

The average person uses 9 personal care products containing 126 different chemical ingredients every day!
Personally, I think a lot of women use way more than that. And just like food – every one of these products has the potential to influence our health.


7 Steps for a better night's sleep

This short guide will teach you the fundamentals of a good quality night's sleep. I'll have you dozing off into a peaceful slumber in no time. 

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Living well without a gallbladder

This guide covers what you need to know to thrive without your gb, whether it's just been removed or it's been gone for years 

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