What does "healthy" really mean? - Rachel Collins

Welcome to the very first episode of the Simple Health Sessions. This episode is the introduction to the series and I am talking about what HEALTH really means. How do we objectively measure health?

Is it by our weight?

How we look?

How far we can run?

What we eat?

Our blood work?

In reality it’s all and none of the above. Health is different for all of us and it can only be defined by what it means to you. Good health means that you can be, do and have all that you want in life.

Healthy is being the very best version of you in body, mind and spirit.

Watch the episode below to hear more and find out what I consider the foundation and the 4 keys areas of your life that need to be in place for great health.

I’d love to know your thoughts!

What stood out to you about this video? Is there something you would love to be, do or have in life that is being blocked by poor health? Comment below.



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