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How often should you clean your make up brush?

by Apr 17, 2018Body0 comments

While we were away in Disneyland Paris, I managed to knock my bronzer brush into a sink of dirty water. Ironically this happened just as I was marvelling at how much stuff we had spread out in the hotel bathroom and wondering if there was something to be said about the minimalist trend I’d just been reading about in Psychologies Magazine! (Cait Flanders’ new book The Year of Less looks amazing and is on my ‘to read’ list!)

So I decided my brush was probably due a quick wash. I snapped the top off the Micky Mouse themed shampoo, gave my brush a little massage with the bright blue liquid and was absolutely shocked at how much bronzer came out.

I’ve never washed this brush before. Granted it is only a couple of months old, (my youngest has a habit of stealing and losing my bronzer brushes) but I can’t use that as an excuse.

Until this day I had never washed a make up brush. 

Am I on my own with that?!

I thought I’d look online and see how often I was meant to be doing this job, especially as it actually didn’t take much effort at all.

how often should we clean our make up brushes

So how often should we clean our make up brushes?

Weekly apparently! Oops! 

Some brushes can wait up to a month, brushes you use around your eyes should be cleaned twice per month but those that apply foundation or concealer need a weekly clean. And apparently there is a plethora of make up brush cleaning equipment; from these cute cleaning mats to this high end make up brush cleaner and dryer. Wowzers!

I’m often asked about how to improve skin conditions and my focus is always on beauty from the inside out. Nutrition can literally make your skin glow. But now I’ve started thinking about the make up, the oil, the dead skin cells, the dust, bacteria and even viruses that can end up on our brushes I’m going to be way more mindful of what I’m rubbing on my face!

Creating new habits

Now I’ve decided to clean my make up brushes regularly I need to consider how I will make this a habit. Habits mean stuff gets done, easily. When something is a habit is means you have already made the decision to do it, which means that’s one less thing to think about during your day. And we all have enough decisions to make don’t we?

The easiest way to create a new habit is to tie it to an established habit. So what do you already do weekly that you can tie to washing your brushes? It’ll probably have to be an evening activity to allow your brushes to dry overnight…

I think I will tie washing my make up brushes to doing a weekly face mask. There’s not much you can do with a clay mask on so I might as well be pottering about by the sink washing my brushes! And the fact they’re both beauty product related will make it even easier for me to remember.

So tell me, do you regularly wash your brushes? How do you remember?


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