5 Reasons Why Socialising is the First Step to Enjoying Yourself - Rachel Collins

Humans are said to be social creatures, and while socialising is fun, it also has a lot of surprising benefits. A growing body of research points to socialising as a way to boost health, increase happiness, and even prolong life.

This is all the more important today, when an estimated 9 million Brits suffer from loneliness and isolation. So whether you prefer intimate gatherings or enjoy boisterous parties, here are five reasons why socialising is the key to enjoying yourself and getting motivated to do more in life.

1. It’s good for your health

One of the most powerful but lesser-known secrets to maintain health is to hang out with friends and family. As it turns out, people who spend more time with others have a stronger immune system. Health Magazine reports that not only are more sociable people less likely to get sick, they’re also more likely to get better sleep. Sociologists even found consistent and compelling evidence that links lack of socialising to higher risks of cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, and some forms of cancer.

2. It lets you be your best self

Socialising has also been proven to help you be your best self, given that being around other people promotes self-esteem, empathy, and openness. Combine these effects with the steps I talk about here, and you can see that socialising can really help you reach your goals and be more productive. Having someone who can offer a word of advice and boost your confidence can go a long way towards having a sense of fulfillment.

3. You can form genuine friendships

Socialising regularly helps you expand and enrich your network to help you foster genuine friendships. These allow you to have a sounding board, source of counsel, and someone to share hearty laughter with to brighten your day.

This emotional support is very important for health and happiness, even when it’s done without the physical presence of other people. Current technology allows people to maintain connections via online tools, which also open up opportunities for you to be a part of different communities. One of the most talked about, robust communities online is bingo community. The players often share similar hobbies (aside from bingo) and are from relatable demographics.

FoxyBingo Reviews shows how strong online communities have become through the help of social platforms. By joining and participating in online communities, people can easily find and bond with others who share the same hobbies and passions, from games, to bingo, to pet care and films. Through online forms of socialising, as well as any other means of spending time with others, you gain insight into other people’s lives and personalities while also sharing in their joys and sorrows.

4. It helps you be smarter and more productive

Studies show that socialising with others – even through a quick coffee break or over lunch – helps people be more productive and happy in the workplace. It even aids in keeping your memory sharp, with strong social ties being seen as a powerful tool for preserving overall health even in later life.

5. You’re more likely to live longer

The Harvard Medical School reports that satisfying relationships with family, friends, and community are a major factor in achieving a long and happy life. Aside from emotional support gained from such connections, people who socialise also get practical favours like doctor referrals, advice, and even the odd chicken noodle soup. People who have great relationships are more likely to report higher levels of satisfaction and purpose as well.

The best-kept secret to achieving a long, happy, and healthy life is socialising with friends, family, and the community. Go ahead and sign up for a class at your local recreation centre, volunteer at a charity organisation, or join a book club to meet new people – your mind and body will thank you for it.


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