4 tools to love and accept your body for the size it is now - Rachel Collins

How to love and accept your body for the size it is now

Overheard in the playground: “I don’t want to buy at this size”

Oh I just wanted to run right over and give this Mum a hug…

Now I might take these things out of context sometimes and maybe this person wasn’t talking about buying clothes for herself while she was unhappy with the size of her body BUT it got me thinking about this topic on my walk home from he school run.

A lot of women don’t buy themselves new clothes because they don’t want to stay the size they are. And I can kind understand why – it’s like admitting defeat, right?


It is not admitting defeat. It is accepting and loving your body for where it is right now. It is showing your body that despite you not being happy with it’s shape or size, it is still loved and still worthy of dressing it nicely.

Are you still wearing your maternity clothes years after giving birth?

Are you waiting to lose weight before allowing yourself the luxury of clothes that fit you well and make you feel good about yourself?


One of the easiest ways to start losing weight is to start to love your body exactly where it is right now.

Appreciate your body for all it has done for you, your body is incredible! You feeling disdain, disgust or hatred for it is only going to contribute to you feeling miserable and unmotivated. And you know what miserable people do?? They eat too much chocolate. Eat too much cake. And drink a whole lot of wine.

Imagine opening up your cupboards and pulling out a pair of jeans that you love, they fit you beautifully and they show off that ‘slightly-larger-than-planned’ bum of yours amazingly. They don’t sag. They don’t fall down. And you don’t hate yourself for not being skinnier the moment you put them on.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Stop waiting till you lose weight to look after yourself better.

Stop punishing yourself for not looking how you think you should look.

Should is a bad word.

Ok – so hopefully I’ve convinced you that it’s time to start loving your body despite not liking it’s current shape or size. But how? I hear you cry…

Here are 4 tools for learning how to accept and love where you are at right now:


Let’s start changing the way you speak to yourself. Write out three phrases or affirmations you will say to yourself every single day. Don’t feel you have to lie to yourself. This isn’t about telling your mirror image that “You’re skinny” and hoping it comes true. Here are some examples.

“I am loving and caring for my body and getting stronger every day”

“I appreciate everything my body has done for me and I love myself”

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping

This tool is powerful stuff especially if you feel silly saying nice things about yourself. This is where you get to voice all the worries you have and still accept yourself. Use a script like “Even though I have wobbly bits where I don’t want them, I deeply and completely, love and accept myself”

If you have no idea what tapping is – check out Brad Yates on YouTube – this guy is incredible and has a tapping video for almost any problem!!

Stop listening to your inner critic

Every time you catch yourself being mean to yourself. STOP. You wouldn’t speak like that to your child so stop doing it to yourself. We can be terrible bullies in our own head.

Every time you catch yourself thinking “I am so unfit”, stop and consciously change that thought to “I am not fit YET, but I am getting closer every day”

Be open to receiving compliments

I hear too many women brush off compliments.

Nice dress! – Oh this old thing I got it from Primark about a millions years ago…

Your hair looks great today – oh that’s probably because I washed it for once and normally it looks terrible and greasy…

Stop right there Lady. If someone gives you a compliment take a breath, pause, push down whatever excuse you were about to give about why you don’t really look that great, or change the subject … and say … Thank you. Then smile.

Simple. Not always easy though, so practice!

BONUS TIP! Go shopping

Seriously. Just go and buy one nice top, bra, or pair of jeans or knickers that actually fit you well. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel in clothes that fit you.


What next?

You deserve to feel amazing about yourself while you work towards getting the body that you want. This is exactly what I help women achieve in my health coaching programs. If you would like to chat with me more about how I can help you reach optimal health and reach your healthy weight as a happy side effect click here to book in a FREE 15 minute call with me.  We’ll talk through your personal challenges and goals and I’ll explain how coaching can help you. 


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