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100 things I want to do in 2017

Because one New Year Resolution isn't going to cut it

I’m not a big fan of New Year Resolutions. They are either something I feel I should do, like ‘I will go to the gym twice a week’. Or I find them a bit woolly, like ‘I will practice self care’. And honestly, one resolution isn’t going to drastically change the trajectory of my 2017. Even 5 resolutions probably won’t make a big difference…and that’s assuming the resolutions stick past the end of January.

Hands up – who has given up on their New Years Resolution already?

I prefer to do something a bit different. I create a giant to-do list.

100 things I want to do in 2017

This giant list includes everything from the mundane to the magical and each time I do something on the list I get a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I feel productive every time I tick something off this list – even if that thing was something super fun and not productive in the slightest.

It also reminds that I have a while year to do all these things. It isn’t just something I do in January. That shift in mindset means that the list makes a difference to how I spend my whole year, not just how I spend my January.

I highly recommend you write yourself a list of 100 things to do in 2017. And I’m sharing mine with you here for inspiration. You’d be surprised how hard it can be to think of 100 things you want to do!!

  1. Visit the Eden Project
  2. Go to the theatre
  3. Visit the dentist and set up a monthly dental plan
  4. Go to Mauritius
  5. Visit Bedruthan Steps
  6. Create a beautiful office space
  7. Take the girls to the cinema – recommendations are welcome!
  8. Print and display my favourite photos – finally!
  9. Create the girls annual photo books (and coach up on the years I’ve missed)
  10. Create our annual family video
  11. Try Airbnb
  12. Join a choir
  13. Write a book – or two
  14. Visit Centre Parcs
  15. Visit friends in Sweden
  16. Book the girls a skiing lesson
  17. Sponsor a child
  18. Over pay my mortgage
  19. Finish decorating our bedroom
  20. Get curtains for the kitchen
  21. Upgrade Scarlett’s bedroom
  22. Read way more books
  23. Delete books from Audible and my Kindle that I won’t finish – let go of the guilt!
  24. Get a pedicure before holidays – always
  25. Paint my nails regularly
  26. Buy lounge wear to change into in the evenings
  27. Wear clothes I love even if I’m not going out
  28. Have a date day with Scarlett
  29. Have a date day with Isla
  30. Write more real cards and letters
  31. Tone my tummy
  32. Declutter my kitchen cupboards – bye-bye to those expensive superfoods I never eat and are probably years out of date
  33. Treat myself to a clean burning, gorgeously scented candle for my desk
  34. Do some personal budgeting with Wave
  35. Do a ‘create your own gin day’
  36. Do a meditation challenge
  37. Blog about and share the books I read – I have so many amazing recommendations
  38. Practice french plaits on the girls
  39. Learn more about essential oils and start using my diffuser regularly again – I have this one and it’s lush
  40. Plan my wardrobe earlier each season – Why did I wait till mid Jan to buy a warm coat this year!?
  41. Don’t put of doctor and dentist check ups, smears and other routine checks – those things are important!
  42. Have my hair done professionally for en event
  43. Go to an event that warrants getting my hair done professionally
  44. Listen to music more regularly – this is so much easier now we have an Echo or a Dot in every room (almost) – they are AWESOME
  45. Go in the sea in the UK
  46. Repaint the hall, stairs and landing
  47. Fix the wall and driveway
  48. Play the table weekly – it’s strangely meditative and reminds me of India
  49. Always have fresh herbs growing in my kitchen
  50. Finish my Herbal Medicine for Women course
  51. Go to actually shops instead of always shopping online
  52. Exfoliate weekly
  53. Keep ‘downstairs’ tidy – beyond ‘safe to go swimming’ levels lol 😉
  54. Buy new bathroom essentials before they run out – this girl is fed up with scrounging hubby’s shampoo because I wasn’t organised enough
  55. Track my cycle – our hormones have a massive impact on how creative we are, how much we want to socialise and what we should be eating – I want to starting working with my body’s natural rhythm
  56. Accessorise more
  57. Declutter for 15 minutes a day
  58. Buy a bag for my camera
  59. Put up a giant chalk board in the garden for the kids
  60. Put stepping stones in to the shed
  61. Paint the summer house
  62. Have a girls day out
  63. Have a couple weekend away
  64. Try running outside, stick with it consistency for a few weeks and see if I can learn to like it!
  65. Take a daily omega supplement – I’m fab with my fruit and veg supplements but forget my omegas
  66. Have a facial every 3 months
  67. Get a popcorn maker
  68. Subscribe to Family Traveller magazine
  69. Book a family trip to the far east – I’ve now done a few of these! yay! 
  70. Organise my office stationary
  71. Find and organise all my wires – especially my kindle charger!
  72. Start filing my bills like a grown up
  73. Read more fiction – I always read fiction on my Kindle (See 71!)
  74. Be more authentic – like really share who I am, not who I think you think I should be.
  75. Set up email folders – back to being a grown up
  76. Reach Inbox Zero – ahh the joys of a clear inbox – I’ll be using Mailstrom to help with this mammoth task
  77. Visit the Breakfast Club
  78. Donate or recycle books I’m not going to read – guilt-free
  79. Read a little every day
  80. Try new recipes
  81. Experiment with a recipe box delivery service
  82. Create The Mums Health Academy
  83. Have regular dates with hubby – at least once per month!
  84. Declutter my wardrobe – a la Marie Kondo
  85. Give some TLC to my favourite handbag – it needs a clean!
  86. Plan more activities for the hours after school, even though Scarlett’s tired she can’t just watch TV the rest of the day!
  87. Take some child-free, work-free and GUILT-FREE hours every week.
  88. Give Rich the gift of number 88!
  89. Have coffee dates with girlfriends – child-free
  90. Do the breakfast experiment – I’m in the midst of this right now – I’ll fill you in on the outcome really soon
  91. Find little jobs that Scarlett can do now she’s older. I’m fed up of playing slave and there’s much more both girls can do to help out
  92. Introduce the girls to mindfulness and meditation – I’ve started this with Headspace for Kids
  93. Get in the habit of returning or complaining about faulty items. I’m fed up with making do, if something’s not right, I’m speaking up. Side note: I got a free bag of oats the other day for letting the store know the quality had gone down hill. Woohoo! 😉
  94. Buy a Lonely Planet Great Britain – so I can explore at home
  95. Have a photoshoot in the Bluebell Woods with the girls
  96. Use the Facebook newsfeed eradicator – this lets me work on FB but stops me getting distracted. I’m loving it so far!
  97. Start a scrapbook of artwork from each of the girls
  98. Review all my monthly subscriptions, from Amazon Prime to business services, I must have stuff I’m not using that I should be taking advantage of – or maybe just cancelling…
  99. Get in to the habit of emailing the girls memory email addresses with lovely letters, photos and videos – and remind the family to.
  100. Review my dreams and goals every month in my Leonie Dawson Workbook – which is where I got the idea for this list from!

Have you got a list for 2017? I’d love to know what’s on yours.

Rachel x


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