Is it possible to love your body after a baby?

Is It Possible To Love Your Body After Baby?

It's the start of something beautiful...

“So I was looking at boobs on the beach today…”

Just how every good conversation between husband and wife starts – NEVER!

But never-the-less this is how my darling hubby starts this evening. Hmmm go on…

“Well…” He says. “I was looking at boobs on the beach today and you can tell which ladies have had babies and which haven’t. But the women that have had babies don’t have bad boobs. They’re just different. There are bad boobs on the beach, but post-baby boobs don’t look bad. I think that you need to embrace your post-baby boobs. They’re not as ‘up and out’ as they used to be but that doesn’t mean they are less good”

Bless him.

My husband says what’s on his mind. I often tease him (and tell him off in certain situations!) that he has no filter. He says whatever pops into his head. I know that this thought process is genuine, he’s not trying to win brownie points.

And he gets me thinking…

Adjusting to my post-baby (and post-breastfeeding) body is no different to going through puberty, or pregnancy.

In fact the only difference is my attitude. Through all of these rights of passage there is an element of fear. In puberty, fear that my breasts won’t grow big enough, my hips will grow too big, in pregnancy there’s fear that I will put on too much weight or not enough! But with puberty and pregnancy there comes excitement and wonder. In puberty you are acquiring this new desirable body. In pregnancy you are growing a new life. What if I approach this next phase, or right of passage into womanhood, with the same wonder and excitement?

Babies do not ruin bodies.

They irreversibly change them. But contrary to popular belief, they do not have to ruin them. My legs have never looked better (apart from when I was backpacking and carrying my luggage on my back from train to tuk tuk) thanks to carrying two babies up and down stairs all day long. My arms have never had so much tone either. I have never managed to cope on such little sleep before being a mummy. Ok, so my tummy has been stretched beyond recognition, and the skin still looks strangely puckered and wrinkly around my belly button, not quite the washboard tummy with the pretty belly button piercing that it used to be, but then… Those crop tops I used to wear that seem to have come back into fashion recently probably aren’t really my style anymore anyway.

After almost 10 months of pregnancy and now, months of breastfeeding my body has been free of alcohol and on limited caffeine for so long that my skin glows. Even my youngest brother commented on how well I look. High praise from a 21 year old! It’s probably helped by the fact that my only ‘me time’ are the 5 minutes I devote to my skincare routine that I never bothered with in the BC years (Before Children).

It may not be as exciting as the blossoming of a pregnant belly, or as alluring as the pert bust and bottom of a young twenty something, but your post-baby body is the start of a new era for your body. Rather than face it with disgust and trepidation, approach this change with the same wonder and excitement as puberty and pregnancy. Yes, we will hit stumbling blocks and have a few body image fears along the way. Who doesn’t face that when things change?

And if we can master the art of appreciating our changing bodies early on, it will be much easier to be happy with our ageing bodies in later life!

Just think, we could be a generation of women who truly love their silver hair and laughter lines.


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