Is it ok to stop breastfeeding now? - Rachel Collins

Is it ok to stop breastfeeding now?

Here's a complete summary of the reasons you might be thinking about stopping, some signposting to help you get through any problems and some reassurance that it is ok to stop when you need to.

Is it ok to stop breastfeeding now?

Every breastfeeding Mama has days when she just wants to close down the boobies.

“sorry honey, not today the boobies are having a day off!”

It can be exhausting and draining being your little one’s primary source of nourishment. We ALL question whether it is ok to stop, whether we’ve been feeding for 5 minutes or 5 years!

Are you in extreme pain? Do you keep getting thrush or mastitis? Maybe you are simply exhausted from feeding through the night? Perhaps you are feeling awkward because your baby is getting to the toddlers years? Or maybe you are worried about your milk supply? Do you have older children who aren’t coping well?

In this video I am talking through all these reasons and more that might have you thinking about stopping breastfeeding. I’ll be signposting you to some help, just in case you want to keep nursing and I’ll be reassuring you that you ARE doing great – even if breastfeeding is becoming too much of a struggle for you.

So watch the video, check out the resources below and get involved in the conversation by commenting at the end.

I mention in the video that there are great support groups for Mums feeding older babies. I have really enjoyed being part of this group on Facebook; Breastfeeding Older Babies and Beyond. Note that they will contact you to check you out before you join the group so that it stays a safe place for the nursing Mamas to share their journey.

If you have decided that you want to night wean – I highly recommend reading up on this info over at KellyMom. It talks though how to gently encourage your little one to get through the night without nursing.

As soon as I’ve recorded the videos for preventing, recognising and treating thrush and mastitis naturally, I will link to them here. To make sure you don’t miss out on them – register here for my weekly newsletter! I’ll be sure to let you know when the videos are ready for you.

Get involved in the conversation:

Please comment below. What made you want to stop breastfeeding? What did you decide? Did you find a solution or did you chose to stop? Sharing you experiences might really help someone else.


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