The Exact Steps I Take To Stop Myself Getting Unwell - Rachel Collins

The Exact Steps I Take When I Feel Under The Weather

Because I Have too much to do to get unwell!

As a busy Mum, business owner, wife and house keeper I just don’t have time to get unwell.

But even the best of us start to feel run down from time to time. These are the EXACT steps I take to stop myself falling into a downward spiral and ending up really ill.

Links to products I’ve mentioned in the video!

The probiotics I take are BioKult – available on Amazon here. I even use these for my toddlers, I simply mix a small amount of the capsules into a dairy free yogurt for them.

The Organic Elderberry Syrup I use is here, and the recipe to make your own is here.

This is the Echinacea Tincture I use.

This is the Vitamin D I use for myself – it’s important that women combine D with Vitamin K and it’s best taken in an oil base. I use this Vitamin D spray for the children.

These are the fruit and vegetable concentrates that I use. You can order directly on the website or for access to FREE children’s products with your order get in touch. I can arrange something special for you. Just drop me an email.

Please Note: Some, not all, of these links are affiliate or partner links and I might get a small thank you from the company for sending you their way. I only recommend products I use myself or have thoroughly researched. In this post, I use every single product listed.

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