The Successful Mindset for Network Marketing

I tuned into this webinar thinking I might hear from a couple of women about Network Marketing. I was shocked, not only at the vast quantity of powerful and successful women Eric and Marina brought to the call, but at just how valuable the advice and information was. These wise words from million dollar earners in Network Marketing, are applicable to ANYONE who runs their own business. So if you consider yourself an entrepreneur, or want to be one – read on!

“Inside the Mind of Successful Network Marketing Women” hosted by Eric and Marina Worre, was a 90 minute webinar showcasing 18 of the women who are speaking at their live event in Vegas in August. Each woman was asked to share their top tip for success. Key themes were consistency, authenticity, life long learning and belief in yourself, your product and your business. Oh, and NEVER giving up!

These are my notes…

PS I’m in no way affiliated with this live event I just want to share the amazing stuff I learnt!

Kim Kyosaki

  • Work on personal development – pursue meaningful life goals
  • Cultivate an optimistic mindset and surround yourself with people who do the same
  • Hold on to rich social relationships – you need a strong team, people who are smarter than you, people who’s values are aligned to yours. You need your values, goals and mission in alignment.
  • Find 3 women with similar goals and spend time with them!
Margi Aliprandi
  • The power of belief – the person with the strongest belief wins. What you can conceive and believe you can achieve. Where are you on a scale from 1 -10 on your belief in the product, the service, the company?
  • If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you are right.
  • If you believe you can’t sell or can’t recruit this can be reframed to “I CAN share this product and opportunity and that I believe in”
Rita Davenport
  • The more you learn, the more you earn.
  • Make people feel appreciated and special – the importance of praise. People need to feel good about themselves. Heap praise on people – have an “it is not about me” mentality. It’s time for your team to have more, be more and earn more. It’s not about you. Help people believe they deserve a better life.
  • Learn the four letter word ‘next’ – there will be people who say no but learn to think there is someone else. Just say ‘next’. Don’t let people shut you down. Some will say yes, some won’t.
  • Set your priorities and go to work. Want it for your team. A purpose driven life – it’s not about you – its not what you can get, it’s what you give.
Andrea Waltz – Go For No – co-author
  • Get off the yes/no emotional rollercoaster
  • It is so empowering!
  • What do you really say to yourself when you hear a no? Can you avoid that negative thinking? And how do you react when you get a no? Do you stop? Your response to rejection is the thing that makes a difference between success and quitting.
  • Many of us live in the ‘destruction of the future’ – we hear one no and we stop and quit.
  • You never give yourself a chance to learn and practice your skills.
  • The relationship with the word no, what you think and feel when you hear it, and what you do afterwards as a result is what will determine how quickly you can get to the level of success you want.
  • It is not a bad thing to get a no, it is a result of past activity not predictive of your future.
  • The more you practice, the No’s will slow down as you get better. You cannot control the No’s but you can reprogram how you respond to them.
Kathleen Deggelman
  • The money we make and the culture we can create – it takes knowledge to be smart with our money and we can create the culture in our teams.
  • Be smart – this is a good business model where you can change your financial course.
  • You can offer people hope.
  • Spend less than you make – plan to pay off the house and car. Have fun with 10% of the money you earn and invest/save the rest.
  • Don’t act like you earn more than you do so that you appear to be successful. And don’t forget to set money aside for your taxes.
  • Don’t live paycheque to paycheque
  • Motivation – comes from within. We cannot motivate others to do something they don’t want to do. But we can inspire them. That goes for what we do in our business and also how we use the money we have earned.
Debbie Atkinson
  • This is a contact sport – you have to get out of your comfort zone. You will be nervous about rejection and showing people about your new business and what you are doing.
  • Figure out your ‘why’. – Your ‘why should make you cry. It should go to your heart.
  • If you are comfortable with your why then when people question you you will feel comfortable with the challenge and actually get people to support you.
  • Get out of your comfort zone, tell people about your why and stay laser focused. I AM DOING THIS> It is going to provide for me a different life.
  • Get IN THE GAME. Don’t sit on the side and you will have success.
Cheryl Cortese – One of the top earners in the network marketing company I partner with!
  • Consistence, commitment, connection and discipline. What will you commit to doing on a daily basis. Without fail.
  • Stay connected to your upline, your team members and your customers.
  • Have a clear identity of your professional image. How do you invite people into a big picture?
  • What is your business philosophy? Keep others best interests at heart. Treat others as you would like to be treated. People buy from those that they like and trust. Your word is your most valuable asset. Show up and really listen.
  • The financial revenue can be unlimited but the emotional revenue can also be unlimited
Susan Sly – $2mil / year earner.
  • Why do we get involved in network marketing?
  • Flexibility, fits around the family, but essentially its all about the promised land.
  • See yourself as the CEO. A CEO shows up! When you step into the C suite in your mind.
  • You need a viable and defined workspace – captain kirk of the starship enterprise.
  • Plan your day the night before – if you have a list of people you want to call – google the people the night before while you prep.
  • Set boundaries and processes to reduce faffing and GTTP (get to the point.)
Milan Jenson
  • To make sure you LOVE your working life – ask your self:
    • what is the experience I want to have in this business?
    • What does my perfect day look like?
    • what does my perfect day feel like?
  • Whats the experience I want others to have of me
    • as a wife
    • as a mother
    • as a team leader
    • when we first meet?
  • Become the Chief Experience Officer CEO
Hayley Hobson
  • If you want to find leaders your actions need to inspire others to be more, do more and become more. This model is all about personal development.
  • Help other women be their best.
  • Leadership is key to success. Cast the vision. Find and attract others if we can show them the way.
  • Stay the course. Never give up. We will be distracted. Will will hit stumbling blocks. BUT we must be inspiring, authentic and have a vision and we will find others who will be ready to follow.
  • We have to get past the stigmas around network marketing, MLM and share our belief in ourselves, our product and our company.
  • This business can be done in the nooks and crannies of our life and be a lifestyle if we become good networkers.
Kierston Kirschbaum
  • Priorities – pick the lead domino. Do the thing every morning that will have the biggest impact on your business. First. Every morning.
  • Focus on income producing activities – don’t spend all your time planning.
  • If you have 5 to do items – which one, if completed, makes the others not so important.
Lisa Grossman
  • To get out of your comfort zone – you have to feel safe to fail.
  • You learn by immersion – like a baby learns to speak, the ‘family’ you associate with will dictate how you learn to speak
  • Go out and DO IT! You will be terrible at it to start with. Even if everyone says no. the 10th time you do it – you will be better than the first. You must do 10,000 hours of something before you can be an expert.
  • But you can be good enough to do well in only 20 hours.
  • If you can make it ok for people to be terrible then people will get out of their comfort zone and they will develop and their success will explode.
Whitney Husband
  • Persistency and consistency is key.
  • Treat your business like a business and work it every day.
  • It is not an easy job. It can get hard. Find your strength inside of your struggle.
  • Make your list, set your priorities and do it every day.
  • You cannot call in sick!
  • Push through the hard parts because on the other side it is beautiful
Diana Ross
  • Promoting events has been key to success in network marketing. The better you get at promoting events – the bigger your business will get.
Stefania Lo Gatto
  • Decide to go pro, commit, don’t quit and put others before yourself.
  • Find out your prospects ‘why’ – it might be money, it might be achievement.
Amber Voight
  • Mindset
  • Personal Development and who you associate with is key
  • Hang out with people who are better than you
Sarah Zoleki
  • Create your story. Be an amazing conversationalist. Build rapport.
  • You want to become the person everyone wants to listen to.
  • Stories move people into action.
  • Collect stories – write them down in a journal.
  • Do not compare yourself to others stories. Just focus on building your story. everything that happens in your life is part of building your story! Where you are at right now, is exactly where you are supposed to be for your story.
Marina Worre
  • The things that stop people getting to the top – FEAR and Self worthiness.
  • Most of those fears are not real!
  • Your income from network marketing isn’t just money – it is a reflection of the number of peoples lives you have changed.
  • Are you able to face your fears?
  • Keep learning and improving yourself.

I hope you found these women as inspiring as I have. It doesn’t matter what your business model, the key themes remain the same. Be Authentic. Believe in yourself, your product and your business and keep learning!!

If you want to find more about Network Marketing and see if it could be the right for you let’s have a virtual cuppa! I can find out a bit more about you, your goals and we can get an idea of what it would be like to work together. You can see my calendar and book in for a chat below.



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